5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Child’s Screen-Time

Do you ever look at your kids staring at multiple screens throughout the day and wonder if you sat in front of the TV for hours as well? It’s quite likely that you didn’t. Did you know that young children’s screen time has doubled since the late 90s? This is extremely harmful to them. As a parent, you want to make sure they strike a proper balance.

Although screens are present everywhere and they do make lives way easier, there are potential drawbacks of excessive use. Yes, your child may suffer from negative impacts if their routine has excessive screen-time. Some of the potential dangers of over-extended screen-time for children include:

  • Loss of energy/ laziness/ couch potatoes
  • Loss of focus in studies or at school
  • Exposure to worldly propagandas and explicit content
  • Engagement in aggressive activities
  • Aggressive attitudes and loss of patience
  • High risk of childhood obesity

These are just some of the risks of excessive screen-time. But you can adopt certain tactics to limit your kids’ screen-time.

5 Ways for Reduced Screen-Time

Despite the fact that many people realize the potential setbacks of excessive screen-time for children, very few parents incorporate the changes in their children’s life. Below are a few ways to reduce your child’s screen-time, along with some tips on how to be successful.

1.     Become a Role-Model

The easiest way to ensure that your children incorporate healthy screen-times in their daily life is by being a role model. This worthy model can be no other than you. After all, a child always looks up to his parents.

2.     Encourage Activities

Let your kid see that you involve yourself in different physical and mental activities. This way, you can generate interest in your child for physical endeavors. Start outdoor activities and create plans to go out several times a week.

3.     Tech-Free Zones

Create areas inside the house where you restrict tech-devices, including phones, laptops, iPad, etc. This is crucial, especially during family meals. Nowadays, it’s common for family members to focus on the television or their Smartphones.

4.     Inform Your Child

Informing your child can be one of the best ways to reduce their screen-time. Becoming aware of the potential drawbacks along with examples in real life, older children might react positively.

5.     Limit Usage by Setting Limits

You can set time limits on your child’s tech use. The Cleaner Net is a company that highly assists in monitoring and controlling the screen-time of your child’s tech device by restricting the internet every day.


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