Being aware that your kid is awake using their electronic device to access the internet might not let you have a good night’s sleep, right? How can it be that way? The internet is a dangerous place for children and adults who do not know how to take precautions and avoid the dangers.

In fact, 2020 reports suggest that the US saw a cost rise of nearly 13 billion dollars in the face of cyberattacks. Moreover, as a parent, you might be aware of the various forms of dangers that exist on the internet. Some of the common ones are as follows.

The Common Dangers on the Internet

  • Cyber-bullying
  • Identity theft
  • Privacy invasion
  • Loss of sensitive family data
  • Porn addiction
  • Offensive, political, biased posts and images
  • Online child predators
  • Drug and sex traffickers
  • Online gambling

Kids Bypassing Filtering Software

You are aware of these dangers already and that is one of the prime reasons you might have opted to install filtering software on your mobile and desktop devices. But, did you know that your kids can easily bypass the internet filtering software?

  • Proxy Sites

Several proxy sites allow teens to scramble the IP addresses and locations of their devices to access unauthorized websites and content. This way, you might not be able to detect what they did on the internet for the while they used the proxy sites.

  • VPNs

Virtual Private Networks are a common tool for kids, especially teens who don’t like someone monitoring them or their ISP knowing their whereabouts in the digital world. As a matter of fact, VPNs let them do just that. VPNs hide the locations and IP addresses of their devices while allowing them free reign over internet browsing.

  • Private/ Incognito Browsing Modes

It is a private browsing mode that almost every digital web browser contains. It has different names on different browsers, but the core concept is the same. The use of incognito mode allows them to browse the internet without creating a browsing history.

Knowing how your kids are getting around your filtering system can enable you to take better preventative and protective measures. On the other hand, if your kids are bypassing the filtering system relatively easily, then consider replacing it with a new one such as The CleanerNet.

Features of The Cleaner Internet

The Cleaner Internet offers flexible controls and a vivid capture of your family’s internet activities. Hence, allowing you to manage what your kids can access on the internet and what they can’t. Besides, it is a fairly easy system to utilize for daily use.

It is important to mention here that most other software tools take care of “what” a person can or cannot access on the internet. On the other hand, The Cleaner Net takes care of “what” and “when” a person can access certain websites/content.

You can also set different parameters for different profiles so blocking a website for one person will not block it for another person. Also, to keep kids from staying up until late at night, you can enable or disable internet at certain times through a time management feature.


You can visit the official website of The Cleaner Net, here, for more details, In fact, browse our products and learn about their features to compare The CleanerNet with your existing filtering systems. Remember, there is always room for improvement when considering changes to your internet security. The more you focus on your child’s internet activity management, the more secure their browsing will be.

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