Activating Your New CleanerNet Router

Congratulations on protecting your home with The CleanerNet and Bark! You’re just a few steps away from ensuring your family is safe and protected online. To help we have provided step by step instructions below to get your router set up and working with Bark.



Some of our routers will require a firmware update before they can be activated on your Bark Account. This update should occur automatically once the router establishes a connection to the internet, and will take approximately five minutes to complete.  After the update has occurred the router will reboot automatically which will disable the WiFi connection momentarily. Once it’s done services will resume and you may continue with steps 3-5 below.

If you experience an error when attempting to activate your Bark Account,  please email the serial number of your router which can be found on the bottom of the box or side  to [email protected] and we’ll resolve the issue for you right away.

Thank You

Step 1 – Make Your Connections



  • Connect the Ethernet Cable from your Internet Provider into the Blue WAN port on the back of your router.
  • Plug the AC 12 Volt Power Adapter into the power input to turn it on.


*PRO TIP* Your router will work best if it is installed in an elevated location that is centralized within the preferred service area away from metal, concrete, or stone surfaces.

Step 2 – Connect To The Router:


You can connect to your new router using an Ethernet cable directly into your computer or over the wireless connection. 

  • Hardwired Connection – Plug an Ethernet cable into any of the available LAN ports on the back of the router and connect it into your computer or laptop.
  • Wireless Connection: Open the Wifi settings on your device and connect to the WiFi signal listed as ReadyNet WR1200. When prompted for the passphrase you will type in rnwr1200 and then enter to connect. This information is also printed on the bottom of the router for reference.

Once you are connected to your new router please verify that you have internet by opening a web browser and clicking into one or two websites. If you do NOT have internet please verify the steps above and make sure your connections are secure. You may also want to reset your connection by removing power from your modem for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then back on and then repeat with the router.

*PRO TIP* Take a picture of the sticker on the bottom of the router so it is easy to reference later.


Step 3 – Log Into Your Router:  


  • Open your web browser and type in the Address field  and press the “Enter” key.
  • A User Name and Password dialog box will appear. The default User Name is “root” and the default password is “pz938qwr12”.  Enter the user name and password then click the “Login” button.


STEP 4 – Configure Your WiFi Name (SSID)  & Passphrase:


To access the Wireless settings of the router you will want to click ‘Network’  on the menu located on the left hand side of the screen and then click the ‘Wireless’ tab from the sub menu.

Once you have the Wireless Settings Page open you will see four columns. Two of these lines have an “EDIT” button which you will use to create your personalized Wifi connections. The first of these two settings is the 2.4 GHz band and the second will allow you to edit the settings for your 5 GHz band connection.  You will use the same steps to apply settings to both of these connections however we do recommend that you change the name of your 5 GHz connection slightly from the 2.4 GHz connection so you can distinguish the two from one another.


Name Your Wireless Network


  • Click the EDIT button to open the Wireless Configuration Page
  • Type the personalized name of your Wifi Connection in the area next to SSID
  • Click “Save & Apply”


*NOTE* If you want to use an external Wireless Access Point (WAP) or other device other than the router for Wifi click the ‘Disable’ button on this page and then click “Save & Apply”. Repeat this step for both the 2.4 and 5 GHz connections.


Secure Your WiFi Signal With A Password

  • Click the Wireless Security Tab located in the Interface Configuration Section.
  • Type the passphrase you want to use to connect to your WiFi Connection in the “Key” Column.
  • Click Save & Apply once your new passphrase is complete. 
  • When  both WiFi Names and Security Passwords are complete click the “RESET” button.


*NOTE* If you made these changes on a wireless connection you will need to re-connect your device to the router using the new settings you have


STEP 5: Activate Your Bark Account


Now that your router is working , and your WiFi settings are done, you are ready to set up your Bark Home Protection.  With Bark Service you will be able to create individual settings for each member of your household and monitor and protect every device connected to your home network. For a small monthly or annual fee, you may also extend that protection to any mobile device you choose with a Bark Premium Subscription that you may add or remove at any time. The following steps will guide you through the set up process.

  1. Go to a computer that is connected to the new router home Wi-Fi network.
  2. Click this link to find your router and to start the activation process.
  3. When you activate your Bark Account you will not be able to select a “Free” option during sign up. Please select one of the subscription plans offered and you will have up to 7 days to change it. Once you are done setting up your account you can switch your subscription to the “Free” home option under your Account Subscription Settings.
  4. Follow the steps to set up groups, time limits, and restrictions on your network. Click Here for more information on how to set up your account for the first time.

Activate Your Router and Set Up Your Bark Home Service