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Your subscription to The CleanerNet will not only help your family stay safe online, it will also provide financial resources to organizations who are actively engaged in human trafficking education and awareness as well as the rescue and rehabilitation of trafficking victims.


CleanerNet Mini With 1 Year Subscription


The CleanerNet Mini is our most popular choice when it comes to protecting your family. Simply plug the device into your existing router, activate your CleanerNet account, and you’re done. The Mini works great in most cases; however, it is not compatible with all routers on the market. Please check here to make sure the Mini will work with your existing router.
*Note – If your router is listed as incompatible you may order one of our  CleanerNet Routers as an alternative.

*1 Year Trial For New Subscribers Only


LUXUL Router With 1 Year Subscription


The Luxul Epic 3 Router is the best option for a small business,  large residence, or those who simply want the best and most reliable network possible with the benefits of CleanerNet Security. With advanced 4×4 MU-MIMO (Wave 2) technology, the EPIC 3 represents the latest in Wi-Fi technology and remote management for a superior Wi-Fi experience. Roaming is solved with its built-in wireless controller using Luxul’s proprietary Roam Assist™ technology—allowing you to easily add up to two more wireless APs for a seamless Wi-Fi experience. 

* 1 Year Trial For New Subscribers Only

*Upgrade Program Available For Existing Users

New CleanerNet Router Featuring

Bark In-Home Protection




The CleanerNet Router  is a great option for anyone who needs a tamper-proof, gigabit solution for their home and internet connections. The CleanerNet Router supports A/C wireless technology, gigabit WAN and LAN ports, and Intelligent Parental Controls & Monitoring From Bark. With customized logins and passwords this is one of the best, and most secure options

*NOTE* A Bark Account is required to set up and manage the parental control settings on this device.