There are a lot of wonderful things about modern technology. It opens up an amazing amount of information, resources, and access to educational, artistic, or creative materials. Technology is becoming an increasingly essential part of many walks of adult life.

However, there is no doubt that technology is also a double-edged sword. There is a lot of hazardous content available on the Internet, from false information to explicit imagery and videos. Relying too heavily on screens for entertainment can be a massive problem as well, removing family awareness or outside activity.

With some work, you can set healthy screen time habits that allow access to the benefits of screens while limiting the risk. And while these tips are mainly geared towards families with kids, they can certainly be applied towards adults too.

Set Times and Places for Screens 

If you allow unlimited access to screens throughout the day and throughout the house, it will certainly be utilized. Setting some commonplace limits can guarantee everyone in the house will be more present and aware, adults included. Some easy examples include not allowing screens at the dinner table or no personal phone use after 7 PM (the blue light from cell phones and other screens have a proven link to poor sleep habits!) are great options. Another example is to not allow phones on family outings or only allow them for parts of a road trip or flight, but not when the family should be present and enjoying each other’s company.

Make Screen Time an Incentive

Another idea to help create healthy screen time habits is to make screen use an incentive for a variety of different activities. Sometimes it could be for chores or a reward for an outside activity or any combination of options. Set something that works for your family. Some suggestions include chores above and beyond a child’s normal responsibilities, finished homework, practiced music, another skill, or time spent outside.

Monitor Screen Usage in an Open and Honest Fashion

Often parents will balk at monitoring their child’s Internet traffic, feeling that it seems underhanded or shows a lack of trust. However, monitoring traffic is essential, but it doesn’t need to be sneaky. Instead, be very open and honest with your child about monitoring their Internet use. Have the discussion that it’s an attitude of trust, and that you won’t be micromanaging their Internet usage, but you’d still like to verify it.

The CleanerNet can help you accomplish this, and you can pick the best device that best fits your needs and lifestyle. By setting appropriate goals and standards for screen time usage, you will be able to set long-term healthy habits for electronics usage. Contact us today for more information!