This past week a friend of mine had a brand-new pickup truck and trailer stolen from his home in the middle of the night. He lives in what most would consider to be a “safe” neighborhood so you can imagine how surprised he was when he woke up the next morning to find an empty spot in his driveway where his truck had been parked the night before.


Fortunately, my friend had taken appropriate measures to protect his home and family from this very type of threat by installing a security system and cameras around his property. Within just a couple of hours, he was able to provide images and recorded video to law enforcement officers had them trending across multiple social media pages. As a result, the owners were able to track down the truck in less than 24hrs and those responsible were eventually caught and arrested by police.


In many ways, this experience demonstrates the need to protect our home and family from potential threats, even if we feel “secure” where we are. This is one of the main reasons why internet filters are so important because, like a good security system, an internet filter will keep an eye on the kind of websites and content that is coming into your home and will take appropriate action whenever threats, pornography, or other potentially hazardous material are trying to be accessed by members of your household. It can also provide alerts when questionable sites are visited and help to manage the amount of time that is spent in front of televisions or on mobile devices.


Often these internet filters are commonly associated with “pornography” or “video-gaming” and are generally marketed to parents with children. We have found, however, that those who purchase and use these filters in their homes not only limit the content their children access but will also apply certain filters to their own devices as well. They see several advantages to having additional protection against certain types of websites and like having an added shield against threats, malware, scams, and viruses that are so prevalent on the internet today. A lot of these questionable websites are designed to be cryptic and use links from other websites or emails to trap unsuspecting victims into clicking in. Consequently, those who accidentally find themselves on these pages are often bombarded with graphic or disturbing images which can be both traumatic and alarming for those who experience it.


One of the other common misconceptions that people have about internet filters is that their use will take control away from the user and turn it over to a service or device that will then determine what you can or can’t do online. The truth is that internet filters today are far more sophisticated than they once were and provide consumers with a lot of powerful tools that they can use to limit or restrict access to certain sites and apps on an individual user’s devices or to every device on the entire network. Today’s internet filters not only give users more control, they provide an added sense of security and peace of mind to those who use them which is especially meaningful in today’s increasingly connected world.


With threats of every kind online it behooves us to take an appropriate and proactive approach to internet protection by implementing filters on our network.  While it is certainly possible that you or your family will not experience any issues online, statistics show that this is more of an exception than the rule. To learn more about securing your internet connection contact us today.