Parental Control Set Up

There are a couple of different ways to set up content filtering on your Netflix account. The first, and probably most common, is to set up a profile for each user and then setting the “maturity level” you are comfortable granting to each one. This is known as “Profile Level” control and will prevent a child, for example, from stumbling into mature programming by accident. This option is a good place to start, and should be done for each user on your account, but if you want to make access to mature or adult content less accessible you will want to set up “Account Level” controls as well. This is done by following these steps:

Instructions provided by Netflix

  1. Access your Account page from a web browser.

  2. Select the link for Parental controls in the Settings section.

  3. Enter your Netflix account password on the screen.

  4. Enter four numbers into the PIN field (no letters) – this will be your PIN.

  5. Set your PIN protection level from the following options:

    • Little Kids – ALL

    • Older Kids – 7+, some 13+

    • Teens – 13+

    • Adults – 16+, 18+

    NOTE:  For definitions of the PIN protection levels, view maturity ratings for your country.

  6. Select Save.

You will now be asked to enter your PIN when you attempt to play a title above your PIN protection level. Please note that once a PIN is entered, you will not need to enter it again until you sign out, switch profiles, or do not interact with the service for a period of time.

NOTE: Changes to parental controls or maturity levels may not reflect immediately on all of your devices. If you are not seeing the changes, you can take one of the following actions to refresh the device you want to watch on:
– Switch to another profile, and then switch back to one you wish to watch on.
– Sign out of your Netflix account, and then sign back in.

If you have additional questions please visit the Netflix Help Center