We’ve got all the tools and resources that you need to keep yourself and the members of your family safe online. We have taken care of the hard stuff and made it easier than ever before for you to get started.

We’ve Got You Covered.


Home & Mobile Security

Most internet filters only work in the home, but that filtering is gone as soon as the device leaves the house. The CleanerNet works no matter what network you are connected to so you can make sure that you and your family are protected wherever they go.

Content Filtering

Now you are in control of what your family can access on the internet. With built-in filters for pornography, gambling, social media, and others you can prevent unwanted content from being accessed with just a click of a button. You can also allow or block individual sites, giving you complete control.

Browsing History

The CleanerNet will keep a history of what is being accessed by your family and will flag “suspicious” material so it can be reviewed later. This makes it possible for you to decide what sites are okay and which ones you want to block.


Time Management

The CleanerNet lets you decide when the internet is available and when it is not. You can turn off internet access to any device anytime with just a single click, putting you in control of the amount of “screen time” your family members get.

Custom Group & Individual Settings

Each family is different and diverse which makes “all in one” filtering products impractical for most households. The CleanerNet lets you create customized schedules and filters for different groups or individuals in your household. For example, you can block web browsing for small children but allow “safe” searches for your teenagers. With CleanerNet optimization you can make the internet experience great for everyone in your home.

Cloud Based Protection

The CleanerNet is a cloud based content filtering system so even if hardware in the home is damaged or destroyed all of the browsing history and settings are saved on our servers. This system is not only the most secure way to keep the members of your family safe, it is also the most difficult to compromise making it ideal for families or individuals who are housing a loved one who is working through an internet related addiction.

Is there anything the CleanerNet won’t do?

Well YES actually.  Just because you have content filtering enabled you will still need to monitor what your family members are doing online.  Here are some things you will want to keep an eye on.


Texting & Instant Messaging

The CleanerNet cannot monitor incoming or outgoing text messages or their content. If you are concerned about children being solicited by strangers online, you will want to block access to apps and web sites that allow this kind of “instant messaging.”


The CleanerNet has no way of knowing what type of pictures are being viewed on social media or other popular content sharing sites. If permission to view these sites is granted, you may increase the risk of exposure to content that would normally be blocked otherwise.


The CleanerNet cannot filter video content that is viewed on sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming video services. You can force “restricted mode” on You Tube and enable “parental controls” on others, but many do not have filters so you will want to allow access to these services with some discretion.

Browser History

The CleanerNet will keep a log of the web sites that are visited by users in your home. This log may include pop up advertisement sites that were not actually visited, but may have been embedded onto a page that was. If you see something that looks unfamiliar or inappropriate you will want to check what it is first before taking any further action.

The truth is no matter how good the software is (and ours is pretty great) it will never be able to block everything that is harmful on the internet. As a parent or guardian, it is important for you to educate yourself so that you can then teach others and help them to make good choices online.

For more suggestions of ways to protect and support your family, see our Tips and Tricks, full of ideas from other CleanerNet users.