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Setting Up An Amazon Prime Pin Number


If you want to limit access to movies and television programs that have mature or adult content you will want to set up a Prime Video Pin Number. This number can be used to restrict purchases and limit access to programming on each device that is set up using your Amazon account.  One thing to be aware of is even if you set up this pin number you will still need to set up parental controls on your Amazon Fire device or XBox One individually.

  1.  Go to Amazon Prime Video Settings
  2. After you have logged in set up a “Prime Video”  PIN number.  ( Use a unique number that is easy for you to remember but difficult to guess)
  3. Change the “Pin On Purchase” settings to “ON” if you want to require a pin number before purchases are made on Amazon Prime.
  4. Set “Viewing Restriction” level to whatever you feel is best for you and those who use your Prime account. Whatever limit you place will lock the content with that rating and will require a pin number to view.

Instructions Provided By Amazon




Parental Settings On Amazon Fire Device



Turn On Parental Controls

To turn on parental controls for your Fire TV device:

  1. Select Settings from the Fire TV menu and open Preferences.
  2. Select Parental Controls, then press the Select Select Button  				 button on your remote to turn parental controls ON.
  3. Enter or set your PIN if prompted. Use the Menu Menu Button  				 button on your remote to change between sets of numbers, and select Next when you’re done.

    Note: When entering your PIN, you need to use a Fire TV remote or the Fire TV App.

Manage Parental Controls

After you set or enter your PIN, you can manage the following parental controls preferences:

  • PIN Protect Purchases – Require your PIN to authorize purchases from Amazon.

  • PIN Protect App Launches – Require your PIN to open installed apps on your device. You can still browse Apps from the Fire TV menu, but will be prompted to enter your PIN before you can access any apps or games installed on your device.

    Note: With this setting turned on, your PIN is required to launch the Amazon Music app. However Alexa will still be to play Amazon Music content on your Fire TV device.

  • PIN Protect Prime Photos App – Require your PIN to open the Prime Photos app, which you can use to view your photos and personal videos from Amazon Drive on your Fire TV.
    Tip: Select this option if you just want to block access to the Prime Photos app. If you also have the PIN Protect App Launches option enabled, PIN entry is required for all apps on your Fire TV, including Prime Photos.
  • Viewing Restrictions – Block playback of movies and TV shows, based on their ratings category.

  • Explicit Filter for Amazon Music – Block playback of songs that contain explicit words and phrases. When the filter is switched on, songs that contain explicit lyrics aren’t played. Instead of bleeping out or removing explicit lyrics within a song, the filter prevents playback of the song itself. To enable this setting: 
    1. Open the music app.
    2. Tap the Settings icon.
    3. Toggle explicit filter on or off.
  • Change your PIN – Change your Prime Video PIN directly on your Fire TV device.

Keep in mind that when you turn parental controls on for the first time, PIN Protect Purchases is enabled by default, and Viewing Restrictions are automatically set to block content from the Teen and Mature ratings categories. If you exit the menu right after setting parental controls to ON, these are the only preferences that will be saved for your device. However, you can manage your preferences at any time by returning to the parental controls menu and entering your PIN.

Note: For Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, you can set viewing restrictions to block playback of movies and TV shows from Prime Video, based on their ratings category from Account & Settings on the Prime Video website.