There is no shame in upping your internet game with an internet filter. Perhaps self-control measures have gotten a bit lackadaisical, or the temptations to stray into less-than-wholesome internet pages feels overwhelming. The truth is pornographic web sites and images can have devastating and long-lasting effects on your relationships, your mental health, and even your physical health.


Adopting an internet filter like the CleanerNet cloud-based filter can give you peace of mind by protecting your family from the intrusion of unhealthy internet content–but it doesn’t just end there. It is equally important for men to adopt and apply these same security measures on themselves as well.


Let’s face it, the internet is full of distractions and opportunities that may seem harmless at first but may get out of hand quickly. We will address some of the most disruptive threats to your family’s stability and to your own personal well-being from this growing epidemic of online pornography.


Relationships and Infidelity

Pornography can be very destructive to relationships as it leads to dishonesty, isolation, and changed sexual interests that may not flatter or interest your partner. This generates a detachment from the intimate and emotional connectedness we share with others and can lead to excessive time spent away from family and friends.


Pornography can also open doors that often lead to infidelity and is cited as one of the leading causes of divorce today.


Though pornography addiction is not currently recognized as a medical disorder, research shows that it has the same effects on the brain as heroin or other addictive drugs. Addictions to pornography may not only lead to risky or even illegal sexual behavior, it steals precious time away from your career and family plunging you into an isolated and dishonest relationship with those you care about.

Erectile Dysfunction and Other Health Problems

Dr. John D. Foubert, a professor at Oklahoma State University, is one of the leading experts on sexual violence. He mentions in his work also that pornography has consequences to men’s sexual health. Foubert reports that “If a man’s use reaches the level of addiction, he is 60% more likely to have ED… but not when they are alone with their porn.”


Today men under forty are now being treated for erectile dysfunction in numbers that are equal to, or greater in some cases, than those in the forty and older category. In addition, men 18 – 40 also make up the highest percentage of users of drugs like Viagra or Cialis which are commonly prescribed to combat the effects of E.D. In most of these cases these individuals are in good health physically, but they have indulged in online pornography for so long that they are no longer able to become aroused in the presence of their partner or spouse.


If you are ready to up your game emotionally, mentally, and physically, you should really consider using an internet filter to protect both yourself and your family from the dangers of pornographic content.  Contact us today and let us help you take back control of the internet in your home.