It is estimated that 5 to 8% of everyone who has access to the internet is addicted to it. Unlike substance abuse or other physical addictions, internet-based addictions can be harder to detect which is why we have provided some guidelines and resources to identify and provide support to those individuals who are struggling with this type of addiction.


One of the most common and destructive online addictions is pornography. Every second $3,075.64 is spent on porn and 30,000 people are viewing it. Pornography affects nearly half of all households in America so even if you are not actively viewing pornography yourself, it is likely that someone in your home is. If you are concerned, now is the time to learn more about pornography use, addiction, and treatment.

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Gaming & Gambling

We really enjoy playing video games in our homes and on the go.  Studies show that nearly 72% of American households play video games and, of those surveyed, a staggering 9% show signs of addiction. Gaming is big business and those who develop them do everything they can to keep people playing, and wanting more. Learn more about gaming addictions, online gambling, and where to turn for support.

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Social Media

With over 3.1 billion people using Social Media today the opportunity to connect and share with others has never been better. Unfortunately with all the good Social Media can do it has also created a number of issues as well, including addiction. Those who spend too much time online are twice as likely to show signs of depression and often suffer from anxiety, low-self esteem, and even sleep deprevation. 

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