The cyber-world can be intimidating, especially when you know that you have valuable information connected to the internet that needs to be protected from hackers or identity thieves. While cybersecurity may seem complicated to those who are not well versed in the ins and outs of network security, it isn’t nearly as complex as some might assume.


Cybersecurity works similarly to an at-home security system that sounds an alarm if an intruder is detected in your home. Cloud-based internet protection will do the same when it is triggered by a potential threat, but it goes a step further than that. Unlike your home security system that triggers an alarm and alerts police, cloud filters will actually stop a potential threat before it can even get in to steal sensitive information or cause harm.


Protecting your internet connection ultimately protects your privacy and personal information as well and that deserves the best defense you can get. This is why so many choose to add another layer of protection to their internet connections with security in the cloud.


How Does Cloud-Based Internet Protection Work?

Cloud-based internet protection is a newer approach to detecting and preventing hackers and theft of your personal information. Bigger companies are using cloud-based security because it is innovative and very safe, but this technology has become more mainstream in the private and residential sectors in recent years.


A cloud-based internet security system will examine all the traffic coming through your internet and is designed to recognize certain patterns associated with a cyber-attack.  Instead of trying to address a problem after the network has already compromised, cloud security will identify and then take proactive measures to prevent the attack from ever happening.


It is Simple

Could-based security is simple and streamlined, so you do not need to do lots of up-keep or sweep your system often. The cloud mitigates in a third-party platform, so you can eliminate the difficult task of securing every aspect of your network. It is done for you automatically. Cloud security systems are always kept up to date as new threats and hacks occur keeping you secure without having to download additional software or updates to your computer or devices.


It is an Intelligent System

Cloud-based internet protection is a highly sophisticated system and is therefore far more intelligent than other security systems, thanks to the clouds more heightened visibility into the attack trends of other systems. It can create more defenses as attacks morph, such as firewalls or more fine-tuned internal functioning.



The cost of cloud-based security is, throughout the use of your network, more equitable. The operation cost is lower, and since the systems prevent attacks from landing and causing damage to your network, you do not have to pay for bug fixes or virus removal.


Additionally, since your identity and personal information is safe, you will not have to go through the experience and cost of trying to regain your identity.


Hackers and identity thieves are constantly trying to steal your personal information and because so much of our lives are online, we need to do more today than ever before to keep it secure. The CleanerNet is a cloud-based internet protection system that provides this additional layer of security and more so you and your family can have a safe internet experience wherever they go. Shop for your CleanerNet products today!