XBox One


In order for you to place limits on your XBox One you will need to first create a profile for the person/s in your family who are using the system. You can do this by clicking here. Once that is done you can follow the steps below to limit or prevent access to unwanted content.

You may also set “Screen Time” limits to your XBOX One as well. This feature will let you limit when the XBOX can be played as well as the duration that can be played on any given day. Instructions on how to set up these limits are listed below.

Instructions Provided By Microsoft

How To Block Mature Content On Your XBox One

  • Sign in with an adult account on your Xbox One.
  • Press the Xbox  button on the controller to open the guide, and then select System > Settings  > Account > Family.
  • Select the child account you want to update, select Access to content, then select the age limit you feel is appropriate for your child. By default, your child’s restrictions will be set to the age associated with their Microsoft account.
  • When your child requests to use a blocked app or game, you can approve it and add it to the Always allowed list, which is under Content restrictions on https://account.microsoft.com/family.
  • If your child downloaded something before you set these limits, you can block it where it appears on the Activity page. They’ll need your permission to use it again, and you can respond to their requests from your email or on https://account.microsoft.com/familyNote: If you want to keep an eye on the content your child is using but don’t want to set up content restrictions, go to the Activity page and change Activity reporting from Off to On.


Web Filtering

Web filtering lets you control what kind of websites your child can access on Xbox One. (On Xbox One, we turn this on automatically for kids under 8.) On your Xbox One console:

  • Sign in on the console with an adult account.

  • Press the Xbox  button to open the guide, then select System​​​ > Settings  > Account > Family.
  • Select the child account that you want to add web filters to, then select Web filtering.

  • Select the drop-down to view all the available options.
  • Choose the desired level of web filtering. (Note: Specific websites can only be added to the Always allowed list on https://account.microsoft.com/family.)

Set Screen Time Limits For Your Family

You can manage how long your kids spend playing games and watching shows by telling Xbox how to manage their screen time.

Note Once screen time limits are set up, time counts down whenever a child signs in. So, if they’re not actively using their console, have them sign out.

Set screen time limits online

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. On your family page, select Screen time under your child’s name.
  3. Here you have two options:
    • To use the same schedule for all devices, switch Use one screen time schedule to On.
    • To set up separate schedules, switch screen time for PC and Xbox One individually to On.
  4. You’ll see each day of the week listed. You can either:
    • Customize how much time your child can spend on their devices each day, and when they can use them, or
    • You can give them the full amount of time you’ve scheduled by selecting Max scheduled. (For example, if you’ve allowed screen time from 8 am to 8 pm, they could use their devices that entire time.)

Set a screen-time notification on your Xbox One console

To give your child a heads-up on the console when screen time is about to run out:

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  2. Select System > Settings > Preferences > Notifications.
  3. Select Xbox notifications > System, and make sure System notifications is set to On.

If your child runs out of play time, you can add more by signing in to your account on the console. When you’re prompted to extend your child’s time, choose how much extra time you want to add.